Green marketing agency for labels

Between 2016 and 2019, the number of EU eco-labelled products has increased by 88% (Source: European Commission, Environment Division).

In a saturated consumer world, labels are key to drive consumers into a responsible and sustainable consumption. We help labels have more reach and inform better, through efficient green marketing.

Green marketing for labels: the challenges

Developing brand awareness and reach for a label is both key and high-demanding.
As a label, your everyday challenges might be:

How to communicate about the label and report on your actions

How to attract and sign with brands

How to evaluate the applicants

Our services

We support labels with an effective digital green marketing.

Report and communication

We significantly increase the visibility or your label by:
– designing an impactful website with original content
– raising the reach of your label through search engines and social media
– broadcasting targeted paid advertising, press release and email campaigns

Brands attraction

We work at attracting brands to your label by:
– using website optimisation and paid advertising
– writing original and target press releases
– using growth hacking techniques
– sending targeted email campaigns

Applications evaluation

We help you evaluate the brand applications by:
– selecting and implementing the best evaluation and follow up applications
– putting you in touch with eco evaluation partners

Green marketing that works for your label

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