5 carbon footprint calculators

Climate Change is a reality, and climate action a responsibility. Consequently, calculating the carbon footprint of any resource, company or project has become a requirement. But behind this trendy words, reality is less simple and getting an accurate measurement of a carbon footprint demands a mix of tech and a good economic overview.
Our selection of 5 most legitimate carbon footprint calculators for individuals.

1. WWF’s Environmental Footprint Calculator

The WWF’s footprint calculator is a simple survey, gathering questions about your habits int terms of food, transportation, consumption. Even if it’s dedicated originally to the UK market, you can easily use it to understand where you stand.
After filling in the form, you have direct access to your yearly footprint in tonnes of CO2, and you can compare yourself to the original 2020 target of the UK government.

2., aka the website having the same name, aims at having a comprehensive version of a carbon footprint calculator.
To achieve a full measurement of carbon emissions, this calculator has included two things:
– first, the direct carbon emissions by consuming fossil fuels, gas, coal-powered electricity, flights…
– second, the indirect carbon emissions. This happens when you consume objects or services that has themselves generated carbon emissions to be produced.

3. Resurgence

If you like things to be accurate, and to dig into figures, then the Resurgence carbon footprint calculator is made for you.
This highly detailed calculator gathers an impressive amount of data on your consumption and enables you to:
– easily calculate your carbon footprint
– see where you can easily save CO2
– monitor your emissions along the year

4. The Center for Climate and Energy solutions

In this calculator, a one-page questionnaire gathers all data on your habits: house, consumption, car, flying… A live counter will compute your footprint along with your answers.
Made for the US market, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions has built a 2-step tool. The second step invites you to make a pledge for reducing your footprint, with a list of simple actions you can do on a daily basis.

5. Myclimate

On a more engaged note, Myclimate is a Swiss foundation that offers carbon compensations through donations to the foundations.
A basic form gathers your consumption habits and then estimates the financial value linked to your carbon emissions. Your payment is converted straight away into a donation to the foundation, which re-invests into climate protection programs.